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Working Out With Endometriosis and Chronic Pain

Let’s talk about Working Out with Chronic Pain and Endometriosis.

Working out can be hard if you’re dealing with pain, and if you’re also dealing with endometriosis, some blood loss or spotting can occur as soon as you start to move your body. So what are your options when it comes to working out?

Find a trainer with endometriosis

Finding a trainer with endometriosis can help you a lot. We know from experience that ‘traditional’ working out doesn’t really work for us, as we can’t move our stomach area too much, often deal with spotting when we lift weights or other ‘heavier for your body’ sports, so what are your options?


We find pilates the best sport for us, as it shapes and stretches your body, contains a little fitness yet keeps it gentle. We found getting started with pilates in a boutique studio a little bit too intense for our beginner status, so we started on Youtube. We found this amazing pilates teacher, Jessica Valant, that has endometriosis and offers multiple video’s just for you. Just have a look here:

We’ll add more resources and work outs for endometriosis soon!