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What Does Roe v Wade Mean For The Endometriosis Community?

    What Does Roe v Wade Mean For The Endometriosis Community?

    Reproductive rights are a topic that is being discussed more and more. The fight for them has been ongoing since the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion in 1973. For those of you who don’t know what Roe v Wade is, it’s essentially the right to choose whether or not you have an abortion (and when).

    What is Roe v. Wade?

    Roe v. Wade is a landmark case in the United States Supreme Court that established the right to an abortion. The Court’s decision was issued on January 22, 1973 and stated that two Texas laws prohibiting abortion were unconstitutional.

    Is Roe v. Wade in Danger?

    With the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and a new conservative majority, Roe v. Wade is in danger. If Roe were overturned, abortion would become illegal across the United States and women could not legally terminate pregnancies at any point during their term. This would have devastating consequences for women with endometriosis who rely on safe abortion procedures to manage their pain during menstruation and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

    However, you can still make your voice heard by contacting your senators and representatives about this important issue! Contact them via phone call or email with questions like: What are they doing or planning to do about Roe v Wade? Are they willing to protect abortion access for women across America? What does an anti-abortion policy mean for someone living with endometriosis (or any other chronic condition)?

    What does this mean for those with endometriosis?

    Roe v Wade is an important decision that not only protects a woman’s right to choose but also ensures that women have access to affordable healthcare and birth control. The Supreme Court has given women the right to choose, but now we need to make sure they have access to safe abortion services.

    Endometriosis Awareness Day is an opportunity for us all to educate ourselves about this disease and spread awareness about it by talking openly about endometriosis. Endometriosis affects so many people in our society, from celebrities like Lena Dunham and Sia who speak up about their experiences with it (even though some try to silence them) or even your own friends and family members who may be suffering silently because no one believes them when they say something’s wrong.

    How can we protect reproductive rights?

    In order to protect reproductive rights, it’s important to get involved. You can start by voting in elections and joining the fight for reproductive rights. If you live in a state that does not protect reproductive rights, get involved with local organizations that are fighting for them. There are also opportunities to share your story about endometriosis and how the lack of access to birth control has affected you personally or your loved ones.

    Roe v. Wade should remain in place, it protects so many in our community.

    Roe v. Wade is a landmark Supreme Court decision that protects women’s rights to choose whether or not they will have children. It also protects them from being forced by law, religion or otherwise to carry a pregnancy to term against their will, which could put their health at risk.

    This ruling means that anyone who wants an abortion can have one without having to go through what many women consider an emotionally difficult experience by traveling long distances and paying high medical bills. This helps prevent unsafe abortions as well!


    So what does all this mean? Roe v. Wade is an important Supreme Court decision that protects reproductive rights for women and should remain in place. It also helps prevent pregnancy for those with endometriosis, so everyone can have a say in their own healthcare decisions.

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