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Dealing With Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis Pain Relief Tips

If you’ve endo and had to deal with quite a lot of chronic pain in the last few years this page is for you because we’ve collected all the items that help us relief our pain (naturally).

endometriosis pain relief


Once we discovered the amazing power of heat on your skin when you’re in pain, it changed everything for us.

There are so many products you can use, these are our favorite heat products:

hot water bottle endometriosis pain

Hot water bottles

We just can’t get enough of it, but the only downside is that they ‘cool down’ pretty quickly, compared to electrical heat warmers. But they’re cheap and very effective.

They’re made from rubber, so make sure you get one that’s made from non-toxic natural rubber like this one.

You can either go for a classic hot water bottleone with a nice design or one that suits your pain, like this long hot water bottle that works perfectly for back, neck or stomach pains. Oh, and we’re not a big fan of the knitted hot water bottle covers because it’s an extra layer that takes away some of the heat when it comes to the skin to bottle but they look cute.

Disposable heating patches for on the go

Sometimes you’re on the go and you need some quick pain relief: these instant heating pads work very well for the time being. They’re not that cheap considered that you can only use them once, but they’re great for your handbag.

Electric Blankets & Bigger Heating Pads

Electrical heating pad blankets and wraps are great if you’re in bed or on the couch. Get a standard heating blanket like this one or one with 6 temperature settings like this one. We prefer to lay on our stomach, listening to an Audio Book for example, and let the warmth work their magic.

Cordless Portable Heating Pad

Sometimes you need some extra pressure so the heat can reach your stomach a little better. A cordless portable heating pad can help!

There are also portable heating pads to use on different body parts like your back, shoulders or legs.

Heating Massage Belt

These heating belts are actually a must have for working from home with Endometriosis. They’re heating up and massage your abdomen or back. With different settings you can either enjoy a light massage or a shiatsu massage. They’re ideal to use at home on the couch or while working from home, but you can also get the cordless ones so you can use them in and around the house.

There are many types available, just have a look here.

Muscle Massagers

If you’re like us you might experience different pains in different body area’s. From sore joints to leg pains, Endo can affect a lot. We love using these (electronic) Muscle Massagers to relief our Endometriosis pain.

Massage Gun

Investing in a good massage gun like this one can really help relax your muscles. This helps us a lot with dealing with leg pain from Endo, the Theragun is a big investment but it’s so worth it as we can only get that many professional massages and only during business hours!

Theragun has all of its bases covered. Featuring five speeds, five attachments, and a handle that makes it easy to reach most places on the body, it is the top massage gun on the market.

It tones down the noise—it still isn’t quiet, but while using the most intense setting, you won’t have people coming from another room asking if construction is happening outside. Its five-speed levels and attachments provide a wide range of sensations and pressure levels. It’s also simple to go up or down intensity settings, with the small control panel at the top of the gun that can easily be toggled with your thumb while you massage your muscles, while most other massage tools require cycling through all the settings to get to previous ones.

The biggest gamechanger that this product offers is Bluetooth capability with the Therabody app. The app connects to your Theragun and offers preset programs, so all you have to do is pick a warm-up or recovery treatment, and the settings automatically ‘play’ right on the Theragun.

Make sure you get one with different type massage heads, like this one with 10 massage heads that’s under $40!

Tens Muscle Stimulator Pain Relief Therapy

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) uses a battery-powered device to deliver quick electrical impulses to your nerves, muscles or joints. You’ll get pads that stick to the body, which connect to electrodes that connect to a small device. Often this device has a screen, along with buttons or knobs, and the screen allows you to scroll through multiple settings to get the exact type of treatment you need. TENS units is an inexpensive tool (this one is even under $20) that gives out pulse muscle stimulations, that instantly help relief your pain.

Pain relief with EMS muscle stimulation: Natural, drug-free and highly effective Electronic TENS UNIT and for pain relief of your stomach, back, and more with pulse muscle stimulation effect. Whether chronic pain or menstrual cramps, a TENS unit can help!

Wooden Cellulite Roller

A muscle roller stick can help you work out any kinks or problem areas in your muscles and soothe any tough spots. Alleviating stress is something everyone hopes for but whether it’s a chronic pain or a pull or strain that occurred during a workout or run, it can often times linger. By using a muscle roller stick, you can massage your muscles without having to go to a masseuse and fork out extra dough. Take a look at our list of the best sticks on the market and get back to feeling more normal faster.

Just like the massage gun: this item isn’t specifically created to fight Endo pain, but it helps us a lot. For once; there are different sizes of massage rollers and they’re ideal to travel with. We love how you can manually use them, you control the movement and pressure and they’re inexpensive.

When nothing else works

NSAIDS for Pain Relief

We don’t want to become addicted to pain medication. Especially not if it’s over the counter ones like Aleve, but sometimes there’s just no other way.

We have weeks where we need to take two a day, the maximum, just to function a little bit. And that’s okay. We learned from experience it can hurt a lot when you take too many NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) in a day, because it can cause problems like an stomach upset, heartburn, and ulcers. Yikes. It looked promising to feel no pain, but in the end it was not worth it so be careful!

Taking a Hot Bath

When all other things fail, sit in a warm bath which can also count as some self-care. We prefer using some relaxing bath salts like this organic epsom salt. Sometimes it can help to not stress about blood loss (and how to manage that!) and to relax to the fullest by sitting as still as possible. Sitting or laying in a warm bath will help relax the muscles, will often stop blood-loss and will give your body some much needed TLC. Epsom salt is one of many naturally occurring mineral salts, a compound of magnesium and sulfate. It is completely different from table salt. It is said that Epsom salt can boost your mind and body. Learn more about Epsom salt here.